March 15, 2017



Breakfast Menus                           Thursday                                              Monday      

                                                Biscuits w/Gravy                                  Muffin w/Fresh Fruit

                                                WG Cereal/Milk                                   WG Cereal/Milk                                  

                                                Fruit/Juice                                          Fruit/Juice


Lunch Menus                                  Today                                                 Thursday

                                                Pizza                                                    Little Smokies

                                                Buttered Corn                                      Baked Beans

                                                Salad                                                   Cheese Stick

                                                Orange Wedges                                    Peaches

                                                Milk                                                     Hot Roll

                                                                                                            Fresh Fruit




Prom shirts for sale! They are $14; design is on Mrs. Killman's door. Money and orders are due March 30 to her.


Staff:  All hours for payroll are due Thursday, March 23rd.  This is during spring break.  If you will not be here during that time, please turn your time in this week.


Seniors:  The Dale Misak Memorial Scholarship Applications are due on the donor's desk April 1.  Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to a minimum of two seniors in SCBL schools.  Requires three references.   If you are gone on the incentive trip then you will not be here to work on this next week and the following week of spring break.


Seniors:  The Kansas Seed Industry will award two $1,000 scholarships for those attending a Kansas college and majoring in Agronomy, Ag Education, Ag Econ/Business, Ag Communications, Grain/Milling Science, Ag Tech, or Ag Farm Management.  See the counselor for application.  April 10 deadline.


Seniors:  Cowley County Farm Bureau scholarship applications are now available.  They will award a $1,000 scholarship.  Parents must be members.  April 21 deadline.